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The Cheil General Hospital (CGH) & Women¡¯s Healthcare Center was founded in 1963 and became the first medical institution in Korea dedicated specifically to women. For the past 50 years, CGH has been a pioneer in the advancement of women¡¯s medicine and has upheld the ¡°patient first¡± philosophy by providing medical services of the highest quality. CGH currently operates 16 departments and 32 specialized clinics. It is comprised of the main hospital building, an ambulatory center, a medical research institute and other facilities. Among them is the state-of-the-art Mother & Baby Care Center, which boasts the largest scale medical facilities in the country for providing services related to pregnancy, birth, infant care, and obstetric ultrasonography.

CGH also has specialized medical centers such as an infertility center, a medical exam center for women, a breast cancer center, as well as a gynecologic endoscopic surgery center. In addition, CGH has high-tech labs, each of which is dedicated to research in endocrinology, genetics, and infertility.

CGH is composed of some 1,000 employees, including about 50 professors and medical specialists in obstetrics and gynecology, which makes it the largest institution in Korea specializing in women¡¯s health. We are all committed to providing the best care for our patients. CGH caters to an estimated 320,000 outpatients a year in the obstetrics and gynecology departments, coming out on top in terms of numbers of outpatients received in this area of medicine for 14 consecutive years (according to the Korean Hospital Association). CGH also ranks first in the number of uterine cancer examinations and primary gynecological cancer treatment nationwide (according to a survey on teaching hospitals). Moreover, some 8,000 women give birth in our hospital each year. Based on these statistics, CGH has come to enjoy its well-deserved reputation as the best women¡¯s hospital in Korea.

CGH also prides itself on being the top in related areas of medicine, such as the newborn treatment and care in pediatrics, menopause in internal medicine, breast cancer examination in surgical medicine, and urinary incontinence in urology. In 2005 and 2009, CGH received the highest ratings in an assessment of medical institutions conducted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. According to a 2011 survey by the Korean Customers¡¯ Forum, CGH was chosen as the best hospital specializing in the care and treatment of women for fifth consecutive years. In addition, on the occasion of ¡°the Second Day for Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers,¡± CGH was awarded Presidential Citation for its leading efforts to create an environment which was friendly to pregnancy and giving birth.

In 2012, Cheil General Hospital (CGH) obtained the first Ministry of Health and Welfare ¡®Accreditation in evaluation of medical institutions¡¯ among hospitals specializing in women¡¯s care. This accreditation is granted to those hospitals recognized through professional and objective surveys and evaluations as having achieved an elevated level of healthcare quality and patient safety.

CGH has achieved many historical milestones since its foundation. In 1974, we were the first in the country to introduce ultrasonography in obstetrics and gynecology. In 1986, we became the first private hospital in Korea to succeed in test-tube conception. Two years later in 1988, Korea¡¯s first gynecological surgery using laser laparoscopy took place at our institution. In the same year, CGH became the first hospital in Asia to succeed in test-tube conception using a frozen fertilized egg. Add to this having been Korea¡¯s first breast cancer examination center, and it becomes clear just how much CGH has contributed to the advancement of women¡¯s medicine in Korea.

From the very beginning, CGH took special care to balance the development of specific areas of obstetrics and gynecology to provide women with the world¡¯s highest quality medical services. CGH has fostered the specialization of clinics, which are world-class in their expertise in perinatal medicine, infertility treatment, and oncology. We plan to further segment our obstetric and gynecological services in order to foster specialization, while strengthening links to related services in internal medicine, surgical medicine, and pediatrics. Our aim is to build upon our expertise in providing competitive medical services covering pregnancy and childbirth, the care of the newborn and children, as well as infertility, cancer, menopause, and aging in other words, all health threats that can affect the different stages of women¡¯s lives.

CGH strives for similar levels of excellence in education and research, just as it does in medical services. We engage in a balanced array of clinical research in basic medicine carried out by our genetics, IVF, and endocrinology labs, which opened in 1983. Moreover, CGH regularly hosts several international seminars and workshops throughout the year, as part of our ongoing efforts to maintain balanced development between education and research. CGH boasts a world-class prenatal care system supported by the genetics lab; pioneering research conducted by the infertility center; an abundant history of clinical achievements; excellence in gynecological endoscopic surgery; internationally recognized medical experts; and Korea¡¯s first breast cancer center offering systemized services. By promoting specialization, and linkage between services, we provide patients medical services as only CGH can.

Our aim is to become a world-class medical institution that effectively combines the services of a general hospital and the more specialized services for women.

CGH has recently announced its Vision 2013 Master Plan, to which all faculty and staff are strongly committed. We will build on our 50-year heritage of dedicated medical services as the nation¡¯s top general hospital for women to pioneer advances in women¡¯s medicine, thus providing our patients the best care they can get.

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